ArtAID: Art In Service of Humanity

ArtAID sponsors humanitarian services and charities by enabling you and contributing artists to play a role in healing a wounded world. ArtAID is working with artists to be able to continue its philanthropic projects such as the Firehouse Banner Project.

ArtAID first sponsored the creation and distribution of the FDNY Angel Memorials in heartfelt tribute to all firefighters, especially those who responded to the World Trade Center on September 11, and to console all the families and friends of those who never returned. A special charitable effort born of this tragedy, as symbolized in the widespread display in firehouses and public spaces, parks and squares all around New York City, it shows how good things can come out of something bad.


Artist & Founder of ArtAID, Keith Piaseczny

An Artist’s worth

Can art make a difference in this world with a power to heal, console or elevate the human spirit?

As you read and enjoy our work, please consider how your support can also make a difference!