FINANCIAL DISTRICT NYC— A memorial photography display commemorating the 16th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks was snatched from the World Trade Center subway station after a 9-11 conspiracy theorist insulted and threatened the artwork, according to police.

One man, wearing a shirt that said “9/11 Was an Inside Job,” approached Adriana and said “What a waste of paper,” before adding, “You better keep an eye on that,” according to De Cesare and police, who took down the artist’s account.

Keith De Cesare started creating graphic designs of angels commemorating the fallen first responders and victims shortly after the tragedy, he explained, and had posted his work at the site along with a banner reading “Never Forget” that was inscribed with the names of victims. Family members of those lost as well as visitors gathered around the artwork in the months following September 2001, he said.