We want to express our gratitude to Marta Rosario, who invited us to the event organized by the Dominican Day Parade where New York’s Finest NYPD Detective Miosotis Familia’s family was honored guests the homage of their beloved daughter, sister and mother lost in the line of duty on July 05th, 2017.

ArtAID services were requested to produce a personalized police officers guardian angel tribute, following the tradition of works since September 11th, 2001.

ArtAID’s Tribute to PO Miosotis Familia

Detective Miosotis Familia’s mother and her daughters holding ArtAID’s Tribute.




To support Detective Miosotis Familia’s family please see the links below:



Maria M. Khury, President of the Dominican Day Parade presenting the Tribute to Detective Miosotis Familia.


Keith De Cesare, with Emily Toro who presented a comfortghan to the family of Detective Miosotis Familia, made by Heartmade Blessings.

Keith De Cesare and his daughter Nina with Maria Khury, President of the Domincan Day Parade.