UPDATE: From Barbara Ann Geidel. Paul E. Geidel
There will be a plaque dedication at Rescue 1 in Manhattan on Monday, July 9.

Everyone is invited to attend this great honor.
Please feel free to share.

In partnership with #BravestandFinest @ArtAID created this Angel Tribute to Lt. Paul E. Geidel who was a USAF Korean War combat veteran flying 43 combat missions over North Korea as a gunner on a Douglas B-26 Invader.  Following his military service, Paul joined FDNY in 1957. Paul worked throughout FDNY and spent his last 11 years with Manhattan’s infamous Rescue Co. 1.  FDNY became a Geidel family tradition with all three of Paul’s sons serving as FDNY firefighters.  Paul’s son, Gary, was assigned to Rescue 5 for 5 years before transferring to his Father’s former Rescue Co. 1. Gary Geidel was killed on 9/11 on Rescue Co. 1. Paul’s youngest son, Michael is currently the senior member of Rescue Co. 1.  Paul worked at Ground Zero for 8 1/2 months with his two sons, Michael and Ralph, searching for their son/brother, Gary, who was never found.  Paul’s last duty was serving as Board Member with the Remembrance Rescue Project. #tellingthestory by Keith DeCesare.