This print honors all who contributed to the emergency rescue and relief effort, especially those who responded on the first responders of September 11.

This image was created by ArtAID in honor of the Emergency Medical Services and other rescue teams in New York City, all those who contibuted to the relief effort and in memory of all who perished in the WTC tragedy on September 11, 2001. In urgent response to this very emotional and sad event, a series of beautiful banners was produced by ArtAID, a growing group of artists just doing their part to help in times of need.

Donations may be mailed to:

P. O. Box 279
Oilville, Virginia 23129-0279

This image is free to download for personal use and may be printed by anyone with a computer and desktop printer. You are engcouraged to print and share this image with others. This image is copyrighted and all rights reserved. Nobody can resell this image for a profit without written permission from ArtAID. ArtAID does not seek to profit of this tragedy, nor should anyone else!

Special Edition prints, customized to your specific fund raising project, are available for distribution only to bonafide charitable organizations. Please email us your request.