The PAPD Guardian Angel becomes an icon of healing and hope for members of the Port Authority

ArtAID has sponsored the creation and distribution this tribute in honor of the Port Authority Police Department, the PAPD and in memory of all who perished in the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001. An urgent and heartfelt artistic response to this very emotional and sad event, a series of beautiful GUARDIAN ANGEL Memorial banners was produced by ArtAID, and has been distributed at no charge to many Police Officers, NYC and NJ Precincts and PAPD memorials. This ArtAID project shows another example of artists just doing their part to help in times of need.


Nearly 3 years after the attacks, the PAPD Guardian Angel can still be seen on the Port Authority Police Command Post.

For everyone affected by the tragedy who wish to have this image, it is free to download for personal use and may be printed by anyone with a computer and desktop printer. You are engcouraged to print and share this image with others. No one is permitted to resell this image without permission. ArtAID does not seek to profit of this tragedy, nor should anyone else!

Just as we distributed over 13,000 Firefighter Angel posters to the FDNY at no charge, we are making the same effort to provide a healing and comforting experience for the PAPD with this artwork of inspiring beauty.
If you are PAPD and wish to obtain this image, just email us your request, with name and address and we will respond as soon as possible.