An Artist’s Worth

Can art make a difference in this world with a power to heal, console or elevate the human spirit? As you read and view the following works, please consider how your support can also make a difference!

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A visitor to Ground Zero stands before the 25 foot long ArtAID “Never Forget” banner bearing the names of all those who perished at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

How can you get involved?

Our artists have developed a unique form of humanitarian artwork that have served many deserving causes and impacted millions. Your support is very much needed at this time to be able to continue with this work. Please forward this link to anyone who would be interested in helping out at this time. Thank You.

To remember the bombings at the Boston Marathon in April 2013, ArtAid partnered with September’s Mission to create this astonishing piece.

Bring Our Work To Life

You can help ArtAID print and distribute its work! Much like the Boston Marathon tribute above, a lot of our will never be printed because of a lack of funding.

With your your help, we can print and distribute our work to the people most impacted by these tragedies

In Memory of Dan O’Callighan, family members receive “Never Forget” prints at Ground Zero on the anniversary of September 11.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Perhaps more than any other artwork in the September 11 Memorial series, the “Never Forget” print (above) has created a demand that quickly exceeded the supply. The initial print run, created for the second anniversary of September 11th, was gone within hours. Thousands of prints were given out at Ground Zero. Your donation will help fund additional prints and upcoming projects.

ArtAID produced this banner honoring the victims of the Virginia Tech Shooting. The banner includes the names and pictures of all 32 victims.

Larger Than 9/11

Although ArtAID has the largest and most comprehensive archival collection of original 9/11 Public Service Art, our purpose is to support families and victims of all tragic events. Our work covers both foreign and domestic tragedies, some of our projects include: Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, Boston Marathon Bombings, NYPD Officer Memorials, FDNY Memorials, London Shootings.

Your support will help ArtAID continue to produce spectacular works for such unfortunate tragedies.