The Cross discovered in the rubble at Ground Zero became a symbol of healing, hope and faith for rescue and recovery workers.

ArtAID sponsored the creation and distribution the “Never Forget” Cross at Ground Zero in honor of the recovery workers and volunteers who worked at Ground Zero and in memory of all who perished in the World Trade Center tragedy on September 11, 2001. This inspirational image was produced by ArtAID, and has been distributed at no charge to recovery workers and volunteers working at Ground Zero in recognition of their dedication and hard work.

To mark the end of the rescue and recovery effort at Ground Zero, which was completed many months earlier than the most optimistic expectations, ArtAID distributed a special “Thank You” to those that worked tirelessly at the site of the former World Trade Center. Featuring a piece of steel beams discovered in the rubble in the form of a cross, a banner was also produced and signed by hundreds of workers at the closing ceremony at St. Paul’s Chapel.

This print is currently on view at St. Paul’s Chapel and in the collection at the New York Historical Society as part of the Radical Hospitality exhibition, which recognizes the extraordinary outpouring of community spirit in the wake of this great tragedy.